Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There is something about words, something inescapably appealing. From an existing pool, they are mind-picked, chosen carefully to express unique thoughts. Even though spelling bees were never my cup of tea, I have forever fancied using large words; in the middle of long essays, in the dialogue of presentations and even forcefully in poetry to create vivid metaphors. There are words everywhere, all around us and I am always drawn towards new words, anticipating to know the meaning. To be honest, sometimes I am left with an inadequate definition, wanting to know more, wanting to use it in other contexts.

This morning I was reading an article about an actor/media personality and his views on writing and was appalled by a statement of great weight, “I am really fond of long words even though sometimes I don't know the meanings. I am shallow like that.” In a strange way I found myself agreeing, and have to admit I too am shallow in this respect. This kind of shallow I am rather proud of however. I am able to retain the contexts in which I first encounter them, colour them in my own way and discover hidden meanings.