Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There is something about words, something inescapably appealing. From an existing pool, they are mind-picked, chosen carefully to express unique thoughts. Even though spelling bees were never my cup of tea, I have forever fancied using large words; in the middle of long essays, in the dialogue of presentations and even forcefully in poetry to create vivid metaphors. There are words everywhere, all around us and I am always drawn towards new words, anticipating to know the meaning. To be honest, sometimes I am left with an inadequate definition, wanting to know more, wanting to use it in other contexts.

This morning I was reading an article about an actor/media personality and his views on writing and was appalled by a statement of great weight, “I am really fond of long words even though sometimes I don't know the meanings. I am shallow like that.” In a strange way I found myself agreeing, and have to admit I too am shallow in this respect. This kind of shallow I am rather proud of however. I am able to retain the contexts in which I first encounter them, colour them in my own way and discover hidden meanings.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On The Right Track

Hello Folks

After a heap load of exams, a little sneak peak vaca in New York City and a long awaited break I have returned in full form. Summer had officially started long ago but I feel like celebrating its start now, with my head and room sorted. It's been a year of graduation blues for many and in fact had me thinking quite a bit about my own post-winter grad plans. After a long session of head itching I've decided to just sit back and look out at the world with the intent of actually seeing it. Robert Frost talked about two roads diverging and for the first and probably the only time, I am going to be standing right in between the two roads to see the sun rise and set simultaneously. Most importantly I'd love to share my tidbits of discoveries and inspirations this summer. Here's to a wonderful late start to summer with two books off my hit list of novels I've been dying to dive into!

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro
A Heart of Stone by Renate Dorrestein


Thursday, August 19, 2010

FASHION-A Public Good?

On a very humid day, sitting in my intermediate level summer school microeconomics lecture (gag!) I came across a small thought. Quite odd. I should have been concentrating on my mini graphs prepared for revision.

My prof went on, and on. And described a public good. Being an economics student I had encountered the term before but still listened somewhat eagerly.

A public good is one which is both "non-excludable"--once produced/sold to one person all can have access to it, sort of like a radio station and "non-rival"--more than one person can have the same good; me having it doesn't mean you can't have it.

So Why on earth am I giving an economics lecture?! Well I'm not. I just wanted to state that in my opinion, FASHION is a public good. Sounds wierd I know-just imagine free loading off your friend if she recently purchased a classic Chanel and claiming it to be non-excludable-it'll make you laugh for sure. But I don't mean that either. That purse would be an item of fashion, a physical creation which has to be paid for by each person to be owned(well unless it's a gift, but you get the point.), but by no means is it a public good.

However, fashion in my opinion is not just an item-it's an art form. A designer expresses his or her vision, and the medium through which it is executed are clothes, purses and such. The medium may not be a public good, but fashion itself, I insist is a public good.

Once a designer reveals a collection for a season it is available to all interested. The designer has worked very hard at putting inspirations on the ramp but I can indulge in the show and enhance my knowledge for free.

In a broader sepctrum, think about it.

1920's. When we think about it most people who hold an interest in fashion imagine highwaisted skirts, romantic tops paired with hats and agentic jackets-a very liberation inspired era.

When we think 1980's we think big hair, drama, bold.

1970's we think disco, druggies, bell-bottoms.

These are trends. But trends emerge from fashion, trends are the product of indulgence in the public good termed fashion. I am a huge lover of high fashion, and I believe that it has had an enormous influence in shaping eras.

Yes, owning a pair of Lady Dior may not be "non-rival" or "non-excludable" but the knowledge of fashion as art, as inspiration, as shaping an era is, again I insist a public good.

A public good that totally makes me swoosh. <3


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20-Need I Say More?

Toronto. Almost a synonym for peace. Having grown up here all my life, I do love every bit of it. But au contraire to what people would imagine, I have never felt my self develop the sense of patriotism some seem to have.

The past weekend of the G20 summit though, my heart went out to the city. I had never imagined Toronto being a hub for such a degree of violence and destruction. A little disgusting to watch the endless hours of newscasts featuring shattered windows and broken mannequins. I just failed to compehend the connection between destroying small businesses and getting your word of "protest" heard.

Protest is healthy. Necessary even. A right in a democracy. But my question is, if one does not have a reason to protest about, just an excess amount of supressed energy ready to be expressed, why not hit the gym and punch a few boxing bags?

So..."hungry for violence" folks overtook the well intended protests of real protesters. Police trained to protect the city became the villains. An enormous amount of money was spent on a "lake" (like seriously!). To top it off, a whole lot of wealthy polticians had a great weekend and departed, leaving the city with one of the most violent events in decades.

Very much uninterested in politics, just wanted to say...G20 weekend did not make me swoosh!


"A (Floral) Photo Story"

These wonderful vibrant images are the delightful flowers in my garden.
Though I do not take a particular interest in gardening myself, I do
see my father pick and choose every single plant and flower
to adorn our garden in the summer sunshine.
A breezy walk, some sunshine and lot's of colours-sometime it's closer to you than you think.
Look around and swoosh!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Swoosh? What?

I have been using the term swoosh and will continue.
What does it mean?
It's a word I means to

take your breath away/make you so happy/make you want to dance

...quite multipurpose n'est ce pas?

Where to Begin?

Who Am I?

My name is Madiha. An Arabic name meaning "to praise". Hailing from South Asia, born in the Middle East, grown up in North America, aspiring to experience the whole world.

Here I am. By starting this blog, I have joined the ever growing bandwagon of bloggers all over the world. I thought it through. I did. I want to share my thoughts. But on what?

I love fashion. I love food. I love art.

I have an endearing love for mindless television programming, yet appreciate films that take over one's existence.

I travel from era to era from family to family from city to city with the endless train of books I indulge in.

So what is it that I should write about? Why be bound to write about one specific aspect, why not anything and everything? My aim is not to make a point-only to bring out the nuances here and there which we overlook and have some fun.

I never called myself a writer. An amateur at most. But I am a thinker. An observer. I would love for you all to see the world through my rosy glasses!

To sign off, Marilyn Monroe once said,
"If I had followed all the rules, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere". So let's just assemble our own rules and swoosh!