Friday, June 25, 2010

Where to Begin?

Who Am I?

My name is Madiha. An Arabic name meaning "to praise". Hailing from South Asia, born in the Middle East, grown up in North America, aspiring to experience the whole world.

Here I am. By starting this blog, I have joined the ever growing bandwagon of bloggers all over the world. I thought it through. I did. I want to share my thoughts. But on what?

I love fashion. I love food. I love art.

I have an endearing love for mindless television programming, yet appreciate films that take over one's existence.

I travel from era to era from family to family from city to city with the endless train of books I indulge in.

So what is it that I should write about? Why be bound to write about one specific aspect, why not anything and everything? My aim is not to make a point-only to bring out the nuances here and there which we overlook and have some fun.

I never called myself a writer. An amateur at most. But I am a thinker. An observer. I would love for you all to see the world through my rosy glasses!

To sign off, Marilyn Monroe once said,
"If I had followed all the rules, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere". So let's just assemble our own rules and swoosh!


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  1. Love it. You have a great writing style! Waiting for your next blogs...